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Today, our country marks the 70th anniversary of its tryst with destiny with great pomp and fervour.

Goa has a cultural side to August 15. The Feast of the Assumption, which celebrates the ascension of Virgin Mary to Heaven, falls on this day. The feast is a grand affair at two major churches. At the Our Lady of Hope at Candolim in north Goa and Our Lady of Assumption at Velsao in south Goa, the nine-day novena precedes the feast.

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Bamboo Rakhis That Are Not Only Eco-Friendly but Also Feed Tribals in India


An indigenous innovation that challenges the cheap rakhis being dumped in the Indian market by the Chinese, these green bamboo rakhis fund a day’s meal for the tribals of Melghat.

Aptly named ‘Shrushti Bandha’ – to signify the human bond with nature – these rakhis use wafer thin bamboo shavings cut into stars, triangles, pyramids, etc., as a base, which is then combined with other locally sourced decoration material. These are prepared by the tribals – the adivasis – of Melghat, the Korkus, the Gond, Bhilalas, and even other communities such as the Bhosari and Buddhists.

The rakhis are priced at a very affordable Rs. 20 to Rs. 50.


For decades, Melghat in Maharashtra has always been portrayed before the rest of India as a malnourishment prone and malnutrition affected area deep inside the jungles of the Satpura range. But this Shrushti Bandha rakhi has demonstrated and in fact symbolizes the capability, potential and skills of these adivasis.

“Contrary to the popular perception of being a pleading class, these tribals are people who preserve the environment, humanity and traditions,” says Sunil Deshpande, founder secretary of the NGO Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra.

It was this NGO that encouraged the tribals of Lawada, Melghat to come together to form the Venu Shilpi Industrial Cooperative Society.

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These Brides Wore The Most STUNNING Wedding Gowns!


Wedding fashion in India seems to have come a long way…and no, we’re SO not complaining! From crop tops and lehengas to pant sarees, new age brides are making sure to look their fashionable best. And if there’s another trend we’re currently loving, it’s that of wedding gowns. Brides are rocking the red carpet look in gorgeous gowns and, well, each one of them looks like a complete stunner! Check out these brides who wore them and owned them!

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Deepika Padukone paid Rs. 12.65 crores for Rani Padmavati

Deepika Padukone surely is Queen Bee of Bollywood! The tag rightfully deserves DP as she emerged as one of the most talented and hot actresses in today’s time. Well, we did inform you that Miss Padukone has topped the list to have the highest number Instagram followers. We had also reported that the diva beat all the other highly paid ladies of B-town with Padmavati. In fact, we were the first ones to report that the actress is being paid massively for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. However, we just found out the actual fee she will be receiving for the film.

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When Yami Gautam bumped into Pulkit Samrat’s wife Shweta at Dishoom screening

Controversies related to Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira’s troubled marriage have been the topic of discussion for quite some time now. According to Shweta, Pulkit Samrat’s co-star Yami Gautam is a hone-breaker and is a reason behind their split.

Gossip mills spent the better part of last year speculating about Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira’s short-lived marriage. Six months into 2016, tongues haven’t stopped wagging. The actor’s alleged closeness to his ‘Sanam Re’ and ‘Junooniyat’ co-star Yami Gautam has been their best guess for the relationship breaking down and now sources have shocking details to share about what led to their marriage crumbling.

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Multitasker Jacqueline Fernandez’s Infallible Style Amazes Us

We are amazed at the energy levels of the Dishoom actress, Jacqueline Fernandez. The lady is juggling between her promotional events and social events with equal panache putting her most fashionable foot forward.

Jacqueline’s fashion sense is infallible and inimitable. Recently for unveiling the Arpita Mehta Autumn-Winter 2016 collection, Jacqueline donned a unique lehenga choli with cape from their own basket of art.

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Indian wedding styles

Choker Trend Is Back And We Are In Love With It

You must be knowing by now that the chokers from the 90’s fashion have made a remarkable comeback. Don’t you think we are coming across this style way too often? Hence we dug up our Instagram accounts and saw that most of our celebrities are taking this trend quite seriously. So come along ladies to rock this style like our lovely stars –

Modest Choker Style

None to beat is the black choker style. Either the plain band or the lacy one, whichever you pick, it is bound to look total chic. This choker in varying widths has become more of a go-to fashion for girls in trend. Take a look at how our Bollywood ladies have carried the style.

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Different Ways To Re-Use Your Bridal Lehenga


Do you ever mourn the fact that after spending days hunting for the perfect wedding dress and spending a fortune on it, it is now hanging in your wardrobe collecting dust? Do you fear that you’ll never get to wear it again because it is too grand to be worn when attending other people’s weddings? So is that it? Will your beautiful bridal lehenga never get to be in the spot light again? Of course it can, give your bridal lehenga a second lease of life by following our creative ideas.

Make a Saree Out of Your Dupatta

Most bridal lehengas have dupattas that are as intricately worked as the lehenga itself. So you can make yourself a saree by attaching your two and half meters or so dupatta with a plain coloured three meter cloth in a colour that matches the dupatta. You can use the blouse from your lehenga or get a new blouse stitched and flaunt your dupatta-turned-saree outfit.

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Bid Traditional Reds Goodbye: The Many Shades of Indian Bridal Fashion

Bid-Traditional the-Many-Shades-of-Indian-Bridal-Fashion1

Gone are the days when brides were all ga-ga about opting for conventional dresses and colour choices for their weddings. The modern bride treads the path of individualism with such aplomb, that going daring in their choices of bridal fashion colours is a part and parcel of their unique style.

But hey, aren’t Indian brides all about deep reds, blood reds and maroons?

No, not really. And not the 21st century modern bride, atleast. And we are thanking fashion Gods for this!

It is time to be different and we are loving this adventurous and bold vision of modern Indian bride. Right from mint green to mustard and blush pinks, brides have learnt the art of outshining both in their pre-wedding and wedding functions. While some prefer wearing shades of orange and shocking pink for the sangeet ceremony, others are opting for peppy yellow hues to subtle shades of mustard for their haldi ceremony. And not to forget the mint, herbal or lemon green.

We love the colour riot, but that’s not enough yet. Today, Fashion Lady takes a look at many shades of Indian bridal wear.

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The 7 Point Guide To Planning A Destination Wedding


Destination weddings are a BIG deal, because it takes a lot of work to make it as perfect as possible; more so than regular shaadis. Yes, you can simply hire a wedding planner and put an end to all those worries. But if you decide to take on the entire ownership of planning the whole thing, then here are seven things that you need to have on your checklist.

1. The budget:

Setting a budget is extremely important so that you know how much money you have to spare. Work on your guest list and all the things you want to spend on, so that you have a fair idea of how much money you’d like to allocate for decor, food, clothes and so on.

2. Travel logistics:

Destination weddings need twice the amount of planning and coordination. The most important thing to consider are your travel logistics, which means the ‘to and fro’ to the destination; not only for you and your family but also your extended family and relatives. Your guests may not be as adventurous and some older members in the family may require a wheel chair. You have to consider several other underlying factors before you zero in on your destination of choice.

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